Sunday, August 15, 2010

Homemade Fries and a gluten-free Burger

Fries with Colby cheese, Ranch dip, and a gf burger with cheese
Ok, my picture taking abilities need some work! This was taken from my cell phone. Lunch at my house on a Sunday afternoon; homemade fries with Colby cheese melted on them- like the ones they make at Outback with the Ranch french fry dipping sauce (found the recipe online) and a burger with Colby cheese melted over the top.

There is no bun on my burger. Many times I really miss the bun. I have not experimented enough with making a gf bun. One day! For now, I am saving the carbs for my fries! 

This burger was so good even without the bun. I used A-1 sauce, ketchup, 1 egg, herb-a-mare, and Ranch dressing powder. I usually add the cheese into the burger, but I am avoiding that for my 2nd daughter who seems to not tolerate milk well. 

While I was in Chicago at my Pampered Chef conference, my favorite restaurant to eat at was the Grand Lux. I would order a burger with no bun. It came with cheese and avocado. It was so good! I forgot the avocado this time. Oh well, next time!

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  1. You are doing a great job! The longer you blog, the better you get. My first food pics were not so hot but over time they've gotten better. I still have room for lots of improvement.

    I personally don't miss the bun at all. I put my burgers on a pile of lettuce and eat it like a salad. (I'll make a salad out of anything...)

    Keep up the good work!!

    Amy @ Simply Sugar & Gluten Free