Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gluten-free Cripsy Brown Rice Treats

Gluten-Free Crispy Brown Rice Treats
Rice Krispie Treats is one of my favorite desserts. My mother used to make a batch for my younger brother and I, so when we got home from school, we had a sweet treat. 

My older brother was deployed in Desert Storm while I was in middle school. He was stationed in Bahrain. I knew he loved them too, so I made a batch to send to him. Then I ate that batch, so I made another batch, and once again ate that batch. (Bad sister!) It took about 4 months to finally get a batch I didn't eat and send it to him! 

So you can tell, I LOVE these sweet, crunchy treats. Here's the kicker; Rice Krispies have barley malt on them as a sweetener. Barley has gluten in it, so I no longer could make and eat one of my favorite treats. Til I found Erewhon's Organic Crispy Brown Rice- it is GLUTEN-FREE!! I was thrilled! You can't buy it from the regular grocery store, so I have to get them from our local health food store or Whole Foods. Here is a delicious picture of my favorite dessert that I am getting to eat tonight. My husband and I are going to watch the pre-season Colts game that we DVR'd and eat my dessert! I LOVE that I can find the products I have always loved and now can still eat!

P.S. I love my Pampered Chef flower plate! Isn't it pretty!

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